Online Training

Don’t live in Tallahassee?
Or do you live locally but prefer q personalized workout program that you can do at your gym or home?

We’ve got you covered with a one of a kind online training program.

Our program sends workouts to you through an online training app that includes a custom, detailed workout program written just for you using the equipment available to you.

You will receive videos made by us demonstrating the exercises included in your custom program. The best part is, we have a direct messaging feature so we are never too far away.

One 30 -minute video conference call per month

All you need is your phone and your equipment and you are ready to go.

140 per month

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Online Training Testimonials

Online training with Blackburn Fitness is great! It works with my schedule and remains challenging even though I am not part of a class. The app has how to videos and keeps me accountable. I didn't know it could be this easy and fun!

Jessica McCawley

Blackburn Fitness has the coolest training option! I have loved attending classes but with a change at work I couldn’t make the times work for me. Laurel told me about their virtual coaching program. Now I can go to my gym, on my schedule and have a boot camp workout designed just for me using the equipment available to me! This has been terrific. The workouts are great and completely eliminate gym boredom and doing the same 5 pieces of equipment from my comfort zone. Plus, I get feedback on those workouts from Laurel. Highly recommend this place unique program!

Lori Clemmons

I had become complacent in my workouts and found myself doing the same thing every time I went to the gym. I decided to use Nigel’s program and I loved it! Nigel provided a workout program that was specific to my individual needs and goals. I receive a different workout three times a week which means I’m not bored in the gym. I really like the True Coach App because it allowed me to re-watch videos associated with each exercise to make sure my form and movements are correct. Nigel’s program allowed me the flexibility I needed to workout on my schedule and also took into consideration workouts while traveling. While my favorite benefit to using Nigel is that my workouts are planned for me, I found that reporting my workout results held me accountable and motivated me to go to the gym. Nigel’s feedback on my workout is quick, positive and allows me to push myself. Nigel’s online coaching is the best option for me because it allows me the benefit of a personal trainer while working out at times that are convenient to my schedule.

Toma Wilkerson